Toy Chica
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Type Of Body New Animatronic Chicken
Habitat The "New and Improved" Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
Toy Chica is a new animatronic and antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
She is the "new and improved" version of Chica.

Appearance Edit

Toy Chica looks a bit like her counterpart. She does have an orange beak, but weirdly disappears after she leaves the show stage. She has blue eyes and blushing cheeks. Unlike Chica, her bib, instead of saying "LET'S EAT!!!" it says "LET'S PARTY!". She also has long eyelashes and eyebrows. She also appears to have three "feathers" sticking out of her head, like the original Chica except more longer.

Behavior Edit


Toy Chica attacking the player.

Toy Chica starts at the show stage with Toy Bonnie and Toy Freddy. She mainly leaves the show stage and approaches to the main hall. From the main hall, she will appear in the hallway in the office being exposed by the flashlight. She is also known to approach party room 4. She will also appear in party room 1 crouching down by the vent, and soon will appear in the left air vent. She is always the second animatronic to leave the show stage on early nights, but is inactive on later nights. This is because Foxy takes her place in the hallway outside the office. But she becomes active again on night 5. When the player spots Toy Chica in the air vent, they should equip the Freddy mask. But like Toy Bonnie, on later nights Toy Chica may not attack immediately.

Locations Edit

Toy Chica starts at the show stage. Next she is known to approach either the main hall or party room 4, and appear in the office hallway. Or she'll appear in party room 1 and move into the left air vent and enter the office.

Facts Edit

-Toy Chica is one of two animatronics to show their endoskeleton mouth, as the other being Mangle.

-Toy Chica is one of three animatronics that doesn't appear in the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 trailer, as the others being The Puppet and Golden Freddy.

-She does not appear in the trailer, however there are multiple posters shown in the trailer with her on them.

TC Icon

Toy Chica were you can see her beak and eyes.

FNaF3 Office

The office in FNaF 3. Notice Toy Chica's head in the box next to Toy Bonnie's guitar.

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