Pumpkin head lurking outside.

Pumpkinhead is a demon.

Whp Pumpkinhead Was Created:Edit

When a witch combines a pumpkin and a human corpse, the thing is created.

A Pumpkinhead PoemEdit

"Keep away from Pumpkinhead,

unless you're tired of living,

his enemies are mostly dead,

he's mean and unforgiving,

laugh at him and you're undone,

but in some dreadful fashion,

vengeance, he considers fun,

and plans it with a passion,

time will not erase or blot,

a plot that he is brewing,

it's when you think that he's forgot,

he'll conjure your undoing,

bolted doors and windows barred,

guard dogs prowling in the yard,

won't protect you in your bed,

Nothing will-from Pumpkinhead" -Ed Justin (The poem that inspired the character)

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