Sleepy Hollow - Preview00:32

Sleepy Hollow - Preview

modern time with the Headless Horseman!

Headless horseman by vegasmike-d31j6bd

The Headless Horseman rides through Sleepy Hollow.

The Headless Horseman Is a ghost of a soldier

The BattleEdit

The Headless Horseman is the ghost of a soldier in a bloody battle.  His head got shot off by a cannonball.  The ghost still walks through Sleepy Hollow, searching for its lost head!

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Edit

He is from a short story called "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" Where he kidnaps the schoolteacher, Ichabod Crane while coming back from his love, Katrina, and her party.  It said if he finds you, he will gladly take your head!

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