I, Frankenstein (2014) - Movies Trailer for I, Frankenstein02:31

I, Frankenstein (2014) - Movies Trailer for I, Frankenstein

Frankenstein trailer!

Frankenstein large

Frankenstein's monster has awakened!

Lots of people think this is Frankenstein, but that's the creater of him.  His monster didn't have any name, so people call him "Frankenstein's monster".

Victor FrankensteinEdit

Victor Frankenstein created the monster out of corpse's body parts that were stitched together.  When his monster came alive, it went after him.  He (the monster) tried to make freinds, but they chased him away.

Yuck! I Look Awful!Edit

The monster wondered why people were chasing him away.  But when he saw his reflection, he knew why!  He was so mad, he attacked and strangled people that his creator liked, to get revenge on him.  He killed Victor's friend, brother, and wife.  The monster told Victor to please create a female monster for him, which hapened in The Bride of Frankenstein.  I woudln't want to have a face like that!

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