Foxy is an animatronic fox and antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's.


He will emerge from the curtain at pirate cove and sprint down the west hall towards the office, and attack the player.

Appearance Edit


Foxy running down the west hall towards the player.

Foxy is an animatronic fox who is like a pirate fox. His body seems ratjher poor, and parts of his endoskeleton may be seen. He wears an eyepatch, most of the time folded above his left eye. His jaw has sharp, long teeth and seems to be broken. He also wears linen brown pants, especially shredded at the bottom. His left hand completely lacks skin, all endoskeleton, and his chest is ripped in many spots, exposing a metal skeleton. He wears a large, metal hook where his right hand should be. The skeleton underneath him seems to be torn apart as well, and he has a droopy eyelid. His teeth are really unlike the others. He might have some golden teeth like pirates do, and some of his teeth are missing. His upper jaw muzzle appears to have a little stubble.

Behavior Edit

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Foxy attacking the player (notice reflection in monitors)

Foxy hides most nights behind the curtain at pirate cove. Checking and monitoring pirate cove (CAM 1C) throughout the game stalls Foxy from moving.

Locations Edit

Foxy starts in pirate cove. Like Freddy Fazbear,Foxy has his movement plan all set, as Bonnie and Chica just randomely move about. Then after emerging from pirate cove he begins running down the west hall. Sometimes he will walk to the west hall, but if he isn't being viewed enough then he'll run to the west hall.

Facts Edit

-It is theorized that Foxy caused an incident called the bite of 87'.

-Foxy might be based on a retired Chuck E. Cheese's character also called Foxy.

Foxy Icon

Foxy in FNaF 2. His eyepatch is folded down.


Foxy's jump scare in FNaF 2.

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