82px-Human Charlie full body

Charlie before she became a monster

It will be dark soon, Charlie will be waking up


Charlie, the Night Monster, or unnoficially, Grue, is an invisible monster that attacks players at night if they have no light source in the popular survival game, Don't Starve.

Charlie's originEdit

Charlie was Maxwell's partner. Together they put on shows conjuring shadows, bt one day Charlie stopped hearing from Maxwell, right before their big grand finnale. Charlie went to Maxwell's appartment and went to his basement to collect her props and she noticed strange shadows while she was down there. Then, on the day of the grand finale, Maxwell summoned a shadow creature later known as Mr. Skits and he sucked away Charlie and made her one of them. When playing Don't Starve as Maxwell, he repeatedly says, "I'm so sorry, Charlie" upon using items. And if Charile is attacking him at night he says, "Charlie! It's me! MAXWELL!!"

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